General Liability

General Liability Insurance for Your Louisiana Business

As a business owner, you may be held liable for damages or losses experienced by customers, visitors to your property or other drivers. Lawsuits stemming from accidents, employee errors and other events can put a major strain on your bottom line, or put you out of business altogether. Fortunately, you can protect your business against law suits and other expenses by adding a general liability insurance policy to your coverage plan.

With more than 200 years of combined experience, our agents at Reeves, Coon & Funderburg have the insight needed to help you compare quotes for general liability insurance. We work with some of the industry’s highest-rated companies to help you purchase a policy that offers protection and value.

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To help you make the most informed decisions during your search for coverage, we work hard to provide answers to all of your questions.

  • What are the benefits of a general liability policy? These policies offer many benefits to your business, including limiting your financial liability in the event of a loss by a second party. Many general liability policies cover the cost of repairs, health care and court judgments, while some will even reimburse your business for legal fees stemming from lawsuits relating to an accident or loss.
  • How do I know which policy is best for my business? Choosing the best policy for your unique needs is important. To help you do so, our agents will conduct a thorough review of your business before offering advice on which general liability policies offer the best value for you. We will make every effort to help you understand the benefits offered by each policy, all in an effort to help you make confident decisions regarding your coverage.
  • Does a general liability policy complement the rest of my coverage plan? Absolutely. Adding an umbrella or specialty policy to your business insurance plan is a great way to supplement the protection offered by your other policies, such as professional liability or workers compensation coverage. We will help you understand the interplay between each of your policies, and offer guidance on adding the appropriate options to your insurance plan.

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